Nissan CVT Transmission Repair

CVT transmissions offer higher fuel economy and help to achieve seamless acceleration. However, the design of the CVT transmissions in general and Nissan CVT transmissions in particular contributes to excessive friction of pulleys and push-belt which produces excessive metal debris inside the transmission.

When you service your CVT transmission regularly and correctly, this debris will be washed away with old transmission fluid and your transmission will work longer. However, the older CVT transmission gets, the more likely that regular service will not stop it from breaking anyway. In addition there may other issues with each particular CVT transmission model.

SHIFTFIX Transmissions has all the necessary equipment to get your CVT transmission fixed and our transmission technicians have extensive experience in repairing Nissan CVT transmissions. Click here to learn more about our team.
Nissan CVT transmission
Nissan CVT Transmission
How much does it cost?
The exact cost can be determined after disassembling the transmission and determining the extent of the damage.
However, we can always work within your budget and offer budget friendly options.
Multi-check is always FREE.
How long does it take?
Average Nissan CVT transmission repair takes about 1-2 days after we have your confirmation to go ahead.

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