Meet the Team

Evgenii Khinevich
Founder & Transmission Technician
Evgenii started working on transmissions with his father and uncle when he was 16 years old. From them he learned the trade and inherited the solid principles of quality and integrity. He later completed his formal education in vehicle service as well. He participated in various seminars in Europe, visited Hetzel facilities in Ubstadt-Weiher in Germany.
Working in Moscow, Russia, Evgenii had the chance to work with European, American and Asian cars in equal proportion.
Growing as a professional, Evgenii started working on upgrading transmissions for tuned cars and for racing. One of the examples of his work is a transmission for a car participating in Unlim 500 Minsk drag racing event.
After moving to Canada in 2018, Evgenii worked at Mister Transmission before making a decision to start his own transmission shop.
Ismond Barrow
Co-Founder & Transmission Technician
After graduating from college, Ismond started his career as diesel truck mechanic. At 23 years old, he moved to Canada where he continued working as automotive general mechanic before joining Mister Transmission team in the GTA as re&re. He worked at various locations ever since and was awarded the 15-years appreciation award at Mister Transmission.
Being passionate about cars, Ismond is not limiting his work to just re&re responsibilities but is constantly growing his expertise in the diagnostics and his knowledge of transmissions' operations. He is among the most experienced technicians in the field.