BMW Transmission Repair

In its cars, BMW uses ZF transmissions and in some models, GM transmissions are installed. Our technicians can let you know which unit is installed in your car during visual inspection.

For ZF transmissions, which are most common, frequent issues are slipping in higher gears (4, 5, 6) when it gets hot and torque converter shuddering under light load when transmission is warmed up. The latter is most often seen on diesel applications.

These two issues, unfortunately, are natural results of premature transmission wear and tear due to lack of service and maintenance. It occurs as many owners are confused by the manufacturer's label of "lifetime fluid". In reality, lifetime period equals warranty period only. So if you keep driving your BMW after the warranty period or if you bought a pre-owned BMW, make sure to service it regularly.

If issues occur nevertheless, our technicians have extensive experience gained in Europe in repairing BMW transmissions, produced by both ZF and GM. Click here to learn more about our team.
BMW Transmission Valve Body
BMW Transmission Valve Body
How much does it cost?
The exact cost can be determined after disassembling the transmission and determining the extent of the damage.
However, we can always work within your budget and offer budget friendly options.
Multi-check is always FREE.
How long does it take?
Average BMW transmission repair takes about 1-2 days after we have your confirmation to go ahead and if parts are in stock.
In case the required parts are not in stock, we always make sure to check with multiple suppliers to get the parts delivered as soon as possible and we will keep you in the loop.

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